Cycle routes - Tarn et Garonne

Cycling routes in Tarn-et-Garonne - A selection of on and off road circuits and routes

 The site offers various sections:

 - 37 road circuits - Link HERE

 - 17 off road circuits for Mountain Bikes/ VTT (VTT = Vélo Tous Terrain) Link HERE

 - An 85km route from Montauban through the Aveyron Gorge, featuring magnificent scenery, and several stretches of road that feature regularly in Le Tour de France Link HERE

 - An easy canalside route along Le Canal de Deux Mers - together with information on taking your bicycle on a train - Cycle out... Train back???? Link HERE for the Tarn et Garonne section

The Canal runs in total around 800km / 500 miles from Bordeaux to Toulouse and then across to Sete on the Mediterannean coast  - Information on the full route HERE